How Data Scientists Save Time

Rumor has it that some people living among us have all the free time they need; if you’re one of those four lucky individuals, you’re probably meditating blissfully in a misty forest rather than reading these words.

The rest of us have a more complex relationship with time, efficiency, and the tension of balancing competing needs. A few hours can make the difference between shipping a machine learning project on time and missing a deadline. They can determine whether you get to spend an afternoon with friends, bake a cheesecake from scratch, rewatch the Succession finale, or… not do any of those things.

The internet is full of productivity hacks and time-saving tricks; we’re sure you can find them on your own. Instead, what we offer you this week are pragmatic, hands-on approaches for speeding up workflows that data professionals execute every day. From choosing the right tools to streamlining your data-cleaning process, you stand to gain some precious minutes by learning from our authors, so we hope you use them well—or not! It’s your time.

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